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Pętla problem - Jockes - 06-10-2020

Hi! Sorry for for English, hope it's understandable. Have an problem with an loop on my route. The tram (AI-driven) drives in the opposite direction than what I want it too. I've tried moving the switch, I tried to add more trackmarkers to navigate it trough, I tried adding signals, I tried adding Track Directions, but still, it keeps going the wrong direction. Any tips or ideas on how to make the stupid AI go the way I want it too?

[Obrazek: loopproblem.jpg]
1. is first Trackmark, the AI goes the long way to reach it. I used both "Navigate to Trackmark" and "via Trackmark". Seems like here is some problem.


RE: Pętla problem - ptram - 06-10-2020

Try using this:
Track Direction Marker

RE: Pętla problem - Jockes - 06-10-2020

(06-10-2020, 10:03 AM)ptram napisał(a): Try using this:
Track Direction Marker
I have those, two of them, placed as the yellow arrows on the picture. I even tried to use command "Control junction"+"Free Junction", but it changes the switch, but the AI then change it when getting closer to the junction to the wrong direction.

[Obrazek: 2020-06-10%20135605.jpg]
I tried this, making the junction go on the wrong side, and then the tram drives the right way. Looks a bit weird, but until I find an proper solution this will be it.

RE: Pętla problem - ptram - 06-12-2020

I thought about it:

[Obrazek: c95f295bfb2755d6m.jpg]

RE: Pętla problem - Jockes - 06-13-2020

(06-12-2020, 12:20 PM)ptram napisał(a): I thought about it:

[Obrazek: c95f295bfb2755d6m.jpg]
Yes, I have those. But I got an answer in our Swedish forum, the problem is when the AI is looking for a path, but it doesn't seek for the shortest way, it try at all junctions the left direction first, and as left is wrong in this case, it'll go that way, even if it's longer, shortly explained. Could be solved by placing invisible track+junction after the first trackmark, but I made the loop go opposite direction.